We apply our capabilities as a leading investment firm to deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth.

We manage our portfolios and those of our clients in accordance with our expertise and principles: transparency, simplicity and efficiency.

Gist Capital is built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We currently offer a diverse range of actively-managed investment solutions created around our core expertise, from our historical focus on the financial sector across the capital structure (credit and equity) to global credit.

Financial markets will always go through diverse economic cycles and crises. In the midst of the financial storm, the proven effectiveness of our investment management has enabled us to succeed in growing our clients' wealth, while limiting losses. We accomplish this by taking a long-term perspective and by skillfully navigating the rough seas of the markets.

Our short-term objective is to deliver positive returns in a negative real interest rate environment. Longer term, our objective is to accumulate wealth as a defense against potential financial crises.



Investor type
  • High Net-Worth Individual
  • Family Office
  • Fund of Funds
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Hedge/Venture Fund
  • Pension Fund
  • Endowment
  • Other Institutional Investor
Accredited investor status
  • Non-Accredited
  • Accredited Investor ($1M + Net Worth)
  • Qualified Client ($2.1M + Net Worth)
  • Qualified Purchaser ($5M + Net Worth)
Are you a US Investor?
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