Active across equity, commodities and currency markets, we offer long only, alternative and private markets strategies.

Leveraging the diverse expertise from across the firm, Gist Capital provides innovative and tailored portfolio solutions for our clients.

Quantitative Strategies

We seek to generate alpha by combining rigorous fundamental research with mathematical and statistical models to identify and execute on investment opportunities.

By analyzing historical and current information through statistical and quantitative modeling, as well as predictive analytics, we identify and capture opportunities. We focus on the equity, fixed income, commodities and currency markets globally, concentrating on the United States and European equity markets.

Volatility Protection

Volatility Protection positions are intended to hedge Gist Capital's portfolio against certain adverse market conditions; hedging individual positions against general market fluctuations as well as price volatility in various asset classes. We utilize a variety of instruments within this strategy including, without limitation: credit, equity, volatility, interest rates, gold, and currency instruments.



Investor type
  • High Net-Worth Individual
  • Family Office
  • Fund of Funds
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Hedge/Venture Fund
  • Pension Fund
  • Endowment
  • Other Institutional Investor
Accredited investor status
  • Non-Accredited
  • Accredited Investor ($1M + Net Worth)
  • Qualified Client ($2.1M + Net Worth)
  • Qualified Purchaser ($5M + Net Worth)
Are you a US Investor?
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